Unleash your inner backpacker

Plan your trip in a fast and optimized way, minimizing the time and total cost of your trip.

Trip Sniffer is a trip planner which gathers tools in order to aid backpackers to plan their trip in an improved way. It combines all transportation, accommodation options and finds the best set of routes to minimize the global cost of the travel.

Save time and money

Fit your trip in your budget and spend your time wisely. Find the fastest and cheapest way between where you are and the places you want to go. In addition to the best cost-effective accommodations close to the places you want to visit, save time and money as you move.

Optimize your route

Find the best alternatives to go between places you want to visit. Combine the most relevant transportation and obtain the best set of routes to minimize the cost of your trip.

Find the closest accommodations

Do not worry about places to stay anymore. We provide with the best accommodation options which have the easiest access to the places you want to know.

Build up with us

Tell us your experience as a traveler, all of the stories and difficulties that you faced on your way. Your reports can help us to enrich our tool.

Our mission


May our travelers be surprised that planning a trip can be just as amazing as the wonders of their journey.